Causin problems makes you famous

for hyperionfire ! ⊙▽⊙ 

“This is fucked.”

"Yeah, thanks for pointin’ out the obvious. I can’t believe you got us lost." Turns away and surveys the empty plains, no Crystalbarrow in sight. "Unbelievable."

"Hah, don’t flatter yourself, Leonhart."


whiskeyrifles replied to your post:( ° ロ°) -BLEAT!

You kill that sheep and I’m leavin’

But daaad


"Oh…don’t want me to see that navel piercing of yours? I heard it’s pretty cute."


"—tch!" Quickly, she released his hands once realizing she’s been holding them for a little too long, but oh? Was that a smirk? "You believe you could  even go that far? Well, think again."

"I think I got some pretty good odds." He gave her stomach a light poke. "I wonder what else ya got pierced."

princessmutton whispered:
( ° ロ°) -BLEAT!

"Thanks for sparing me the trouble and coming to me instead."

(( ~ seifer no slicing ~ ))

Gon make me some Mutton pie.